As far as my memory goes, I have always wanted to visit Japan and so I was very excited when I finally got my visa approved,though for 15 days only (a story for another day). I was terrified as well because I had such high expectations that I was afraid of being let down. And I am glad that Japan lived up to my expectations and I loved every bit of my travel there, and I can’t wait to visit again.
Japan has a lot to offer so 15 days are not enough, but I will share my itinerary here.

Kinkaku-ji , officially known as Rokuon-ji, Kyoto

Route: I landed in Osaka and went directly to Kyoto. From there I took the Shinkansen to Tokyo, then to Sapporo and back to Osaka, from where I had my onward flight.

1) Kyoto: I flew to the Kansai International Airport, Osaka and took a JR train to Kyoto station. I spent about 4 days in Kyoto.

Fushimi Inari-taisha

I took a day trip to Uji city from Kyoto. To read more, go to Kyoto.

2) Tokyo:I boarded a Shinkansen from Kyoto to Tokyo and spent 4 days in Tokyo.

Senso-ji, Tokyo

To read more go to Tokyo.
I took a day trip to Nikko and Kawaguchiko lake from Tokyo.

3) Sapporo: I flew to the New Chitose airport from Tokyo and spent 3 days in Sapporo.

Picture says it all

To read more about things to do in Sapporo, follow the link below:
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I took a day trip to Daisetsuzan National park.

4) Osaka: I only stayed one night in Osaka and took a day trip to Nara. I did not visit much in Osaka but I loved it nonetheless, mostly because of the food.

The Osaka castle at dusk

I took a half-day trip to Nara before leaving for the Kansai International airport. To read more about Osaka and Nara, follow the link below:

coming up shortly

To read about how to plan your trip to Japan, the link below might come in handy:

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