How expensive is Greece

Expenses: I spent about 45 a day on an average. This does not include accommodation or flight tickets. Transportation through buses is included. You can easily go lower than this. I loved the food there and ended up in restaurants more often than I planned on.

1)Visa fees: As applicable

2) Accommodation: I spent about 
425 on accommodation for 16 days. I spent 6 nights in a hostel in Athens. In every other place, I had a private room.

3) Food: A meal at a restaurant will typically cost you about 
10 however it can go up to 15 Euros. You can but breakfast and eat it on the go for about 2.
Tea/Coffee~ 1.50
Ice cream(sorbetto) ~ 1.50
Water bottle~ 50 cents
List of groceries I bought at the farmer’s market in Kalamata:
1) Fruita and veggies: €3.50
2) Olives: 

3) Bread: 80 cents
4) Cheese and yogurt: 

5) Rice: 30 cents
6) Eggs: 
7) Honey: 

They lasted me 2 days for all 3 meals and I was still left with some.

4) Transportation:

Transportation in Athens: 
Local metro/bus in Athens: 1.40
Athens airport destination by shuttle train/metro= 10
Athens airport transport by bus= 6( first bus runs after 7:00AM)
Cab from Syntagma to Airport~15

Transportation in Kalamata:Local bus, Kalamata: 1.30

Transportation in Santorini:Local bus in Santorini: 1.8-2.0

KTEL bus: distance based(mentioned individually)
Athens to Delphi(includes return ticket)= 
Athens to Nafplios= €14.40
Nafplios toTripoli to Olympia = 7.70 + 13.50
Olympia to Pyrgos to Kalamata= €2.30 + €14.20
Kalamata to Kardamili
(includes return ticket)€8

To read more about KTELbuses in Greece, follow the link below:
coming up shortly

Flights: I booked flights through skyscanner which has a number of low fare airlines to choose from. If you book beforehand, you can get flights for as cheap as €20.
Tip: The price for a cabin baggage is sometimes equivalent to the ticket. Taking just a carry on would help you greatly in reducing air fares.
Always read the terms and conditions. Some airlines specifically ask you for print out. If you are unable to produce a print out, you will be charged 25 for printing. 

Conducted tours: I took two conducted tours. The tour to Hydra, Poros and Aegena cost me 
88, lunch was included and the tour in Santorini cost me 32.

I ended up paying 100 for cab to visit sites at Mikines and Epidavros from Nafplios because KTEL bus office was closed due to Labour day.

Admission ticket to sites:  

1) Acropolis North and South slopes admission ticket: €20
– valid for 1 day
– Half price during winters

2) Multiple Site or Combo ticket: €30
– Includes seven sites including Acropolis, Hadrian’s library and Roman Agora
– valid for 5 consecutive days
– No winter discount

3) National museum of Athens: 

4) Site at Delphi: €12

5) Site at Epidavros: € 12

6) Site at Mikines: €12

7) Site at Olympia: € 12
8) Ticket to fortress in Kardamili: 
9)Ticket to Minoan site in Santorini: 

– Entry to museums at sites are included in the ticket. 
– The price of admission is half for students below 27 years of age on presentation of ID card.
– Some sites are free on some days. Look it up before you go.

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