Here are some of the essentials for a beach holiday. In all probability. you know about them already, but use this list as a checklist anyway. Also let me know what else needs to be added to this list. So let’s get started.

  1. Beachwear/Swimwear and a change of clothes: You have probably thought about it already so this is just a reminder. Make sure you have something to cover you up during those peak sun hours as sun protection.
  2. Open-toe footwear: They are more comfortable than closed-toe footwear because of all the sand.
  3. Towel/Beach spread: The sand can get hot and shade might not be around, so carry something to spread out on the beach.
  4. Water Bottle: Sun and salt will make you thirsty so carry water bottle along with you.
  5. Straws: Take reusable straw along so that you may drink coconut water to your heart’s content.
  6. Swimming goggles: The sole reason for writing this post, these are must for people with sensitive eyes. If your eyes start watering in sun and can’t handle sand and salt, these are a life saver. I invested in a good pair and enjoyed my time at the beach.
  7. Sun glasses: Your eyes need sun protection too, and you don’t want to be squinting.
  8. Sunscreen: Try to take along one that is certified safe for the coral reef. However there is no certainty to it, so maximize sun protection mainly by covering up during peak hours. This way you will be applying only a fraction of sunscreen. Avoid sprays.
  9. A wide brimmed hat or a baseball cap: Again for sun protection
  10. Waterproof bag: You can keep your mobile phone or camera here, unless your camera is water proof.
  11. Book/kindle/volleyball/frisbee: If you plan on spending a few hours at the beach, you might as well take something to give you company.

To make your travel eco-friendly, you can add the items I have listed in my post add these items for sustainable travel/living.

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