A comprehensive guide to Havelock Island/Swaraj Dweep

At 41 km, this tiny island provides all the beach fun and activities you can hope for. From Scuba diving, night kayaking, snorkelling, jet skiing, sun bathing, relaxing in the quietude of long stretches of isolated white sand beaches, marveling at the beautiful corals and shells at the beach, after you have admired them under Continue Reading

10 days silent Vipassana meditation Retreat- all about purification of mind

I returned back from my first 10 day long silent Vipassana meditation retreat at Dhamma Salila in Dehradun, less than a week back. Going to the retreat was a very personal decision and I was skeptical about sharing my experience. Having returned from the meditation, I can see the practice translate into life and so Continue Reading


Kyoto is a traditional city with plenty of temples and shrines. The harmony of different components in a Japanese garden has always fascinated me. What better city to experience the spell of these mystical gardens than Kyoto. After landing at Kansai International Airport, Osaka, I made my way to Kyoto. I stayed there for 4 Continue Reading